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Drawing Site Details


Details such as driveways, patios and sidewalks can be added to the drawing. To do this:


1.   Select Draw Site. Select one of the following: Driveway, Patio, or Sidewalk. The Drawing Grid appears.


2.   Place the cursor on the drawing area where you want the site detail to start, and left click.


·    You may press the esc key on your keyboard to cancel drawing the site detail.


3.   Move the cursor in the direction you want your site detail to extend, and left click.


4.   Continue drawing continuous edge segments, and left click after each.


      As you trace the object:


·    If the edge of the object is parallel to an edge of the drawing surface, the placement line is displayed green.


·    If the edge of the object is not parallel to the drawing surface, the placement line is displayed red.


·    When you want to connect the lines to enclose the object, a blue line indicates where the final line connects to enclose the shape.


5.   Complete the shape and left click. The site detail will be rendered in 3D.




You may want to trace the entire shape of the site detail and ensure it is a closed shape. The information box informs you when the shape is closed. See Figure 7.


The information box includes the following information:


      ·    The length of the object’s side in units of feet and inches


      ·    If the site detail is not perpendicular to the drawing surface, the box indicates the angle away from perpendicular in increments of fifteen degrees.


      ·    When the structure is a closed shape




You may also choose to trace an incomplete shape when you are drawing a site detail.  To do this:


1.   Draw at least 2 sides of the site detail in the same manner as described above.


2.   Right click or double left click to render the deck as a 3D image. The last edge of the site detail will be drawn as a straight edge from the last left click to the starting position.