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Managing Your Project

This section explains how to manage your entire project. Select one of the following to learn more about:


·    Clearing a Project

·    Saving a Project

·    Printing Your Project 

·    Quality of Graphics     This section contains important information about your computer’s ability to render SoftPlan Studio’s 3-D image.

Clearing a Drawing 

If you want to erase the current drawing, select File Clear Drawing from the menu.  You will be asked: "Are you sure you want to clear the drawing?" Click OK if you want to clear the drawing and CANCLE if you do not want to clear the drawing. This erases the drawing in its entirety.

Saving a Drawing 

SoftPlan Studio gives you the ability to save your current project:


·    Select File → Save, the drawing is saved in its current state. 

·    SoftPlan Studio automatically saves the drawing if you select File → Logout to log out of your Studio account.

To Print a Drawing 

1.   Display the drawing that you want to print on the drawing screen.


2.   Select File Print. The Print menu opens.

3.   If you have different printers installed on your computer, select the one that you want to use from the Printer Name field.


4.   Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the printer you have specified. 

Important Note on Quality

SoftPlan Studio allows users to check their graphics capabilities. By selecting File Quality you are given information about your computer’s ability to generate SoftPlan Studio’s 3D image. If you are informed: "SoftPlan is not running a the highest quality level." You are advised to update your graphics software to better experience SoftPlan Studio. 


Figure 1: Quality Message