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Editing Decks


To Edit the Surface of a Deck Unit


1.   Select Modify Edit Item.


·    You may press the esc key on your keyboard to cancel the Edit Item action.


2.   Place your cursor on the deck surface you want to change, and left click. The Deck menu opens.

 3.   From the Deck tab, select the following menu items to make any necessary adjustments to the deck:

      Joist Set


      Depth      - Use this item to change the joist depth.


      Spacing - Use this item to change the joist spacing.


      Width      - Use this item to change the joist width.




      Thickness       - Use this item to change the thickness of the surface decking boards.


      Gap                - Use this item to change the spacing between the surface decking boards.


      Board Width   - Use this item to change the width of the surface decking boards.


      Chamfer         - Check this item if you would like to angle the corners of the deck boards. This yields a more realistic image.


      Area               - This item cannot be changed. To change its value you must modify the shape of the deck using the Adjust feature.


      Position Rail


      Align              - Use this item to position the rails that you place on the deck. To position a railing, select the Align field and choose one of the following:


                                ·    No to leave the railings where you initially placed them


                                ·    Centered to center them on the edge of the deck


                                ·    Inside to move them to the inside edge of the deck


                                ·    Outside to move them to the outside edge of the deck


      Rail Offset      - If you move the railings to the inside or outside edge of the deck, you must specify the distance that they are to be placed from the deck edge. To do this, select the menu item Rail Offset, and enter the distance to move the railings inside or outside the deck edge.


4.   Select ok when you have finished making changes to the deck area.